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The team at Enhancify has over 20 years experience in the web development field with the last six years being solely dedicated to helping Shopify merchants grow.

Our Story

Mile High Themes, a Colorado-based team of certified Shopify Experts and makers of the ShowTime and Galleria themes in the Shopify Theme Store, has expanded its team and formed a new company dedicated to helping Shopify merchants thrive. Although MHT is still in operation and performs similar services, we thought it best to branch out to create a separate company after partnering with Maestrooo to become the official customization partner for their themes. Hence, Enhancify was born.

We started out as one of the only theme partners who offer customization and setup services on our themes. Most theme developers refer customers to unknown third-party sites for code changes or other tasks. Reviews for these services have been mixed, and we've found that our customers prefer to work directly with the developers who built the theme to make changes. If you hire Enhancify for your Shopify job, you know exactly who will be working on your site -- a United States-based team with years of experience and the skills required to create themes that are up to Shopify's rigorous standards. We hope you'll give us a try!

Enhancify, a Colorado-based company

What Our Clients Say

“Working with Tim at Enhancify has been a very rewarding experience. We were so impressed with his expertise and ability to translate our requirements into reality that we continue to work with him even after the initial website launch. He has provided recommendations for improving conversion rate, site performance, and other ideas on improving the customer experience. He is also familiar with the needs of retailers and can help with general strategy. Most important, Tim is a really great guy to work with, and is always available to help out. I would highly recommend Tim for building websites of various sizes.”
Gary from SFBags
Gary Waterfield, Founder, SFBags

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