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Professional Theme Setup Services

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Want to start a new e-commerce site on Shopify or migrate from another platform and just don't have the time or expertise?  We can help.  We'll setup all the options on your chosen theme, resize and compress your images, setup your home page for proper SEO, optimize for site performance, and much more.  Read below for more details about everything that is included.

What you need to know...

Brief overview of the setup service

So you've finally decided on a new Shopify theme for your store. You loved the demo with its beautiful imagery, impeccable layout, and all the features you wanted. You eagerly install the theme and...what's this? Placeholder images everywhere, pages upon pages of complicated settings and options, and endless support articles to read through. Not what you had in mind, right? We have a solution for that! Our theme setup services will get you up and running with any theme quickly. We'll setup all the options, optimize your images, build you a beautiful home page, and much more.

Setting up a theme doesn't seem too hard. Can't I do it myself?

Sure you can! Many theme settings are fairly straightforward, and many merchants choose to do it themselves. But merely setting up the theme options is only the beginning. When you hire us to do the setup, we'll not only setup your theme settings, but your whole store. It will be built with speed, conversions, and SEO in mind.

The real advantage comes with our expertise in key areas such as search engine optimization, proper design flow, image optimization to keep load times down, and achieving the optimal design and layout to convert your visitors into customers.

It all starts with an attractive and well-thought-out home page. Simply tell us a little about your goals, values, and competition and we'll make suggestions to take your store to the next level. All images will be fully optimized to look their best and load as quickly as possible.

We take your success seriously and want to make sure you are equipped to take over the site when we're done. That's why every setup job also comes with an hour of phone training, theme customization time, or product creation. We'll show you the ropes so you can keep rolling towards success. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

What all is included with a theme setup?

Here is just a small sampling of what is included in this service:

  • We'll add and size your logo so it matches nicely with your navigation and header elements.
  • We'll setup your theme colors and typography
  • We'll setup your main menu, including drop-down and mega menus (assuming your chosen theme supports them)
  • We'll setup your header and footer
  • We'll setup and optimize all sections on your home page, including resizing and optimizing images for quality and speed
  • We'll setup all your social media channels
  • We'll setup product review functionality (if desired)
  • We'll setup a contact page with a custom form to contact you
  • We'll setup your shopping cart experience
  • We'll setup a mailing list signup form and help you connect it to your desired software
  • We'll configure and populate all the sidebars on your site
  • We'll create and configure a blog
What themes will you setup?

We can help you get setup on any Shopify theme from the Shopify theme store (either free or paid). We have done setup jobs and customizations for nearly all of them.

How long does the theme setup process usually take?

We typically quote around 3-5 weeks for a setup project to be safe, though this can fluctuate depending on a few factors, including our current project queue, the amount of time it takes customers to provide the content and direction we need, etc. If you have a specific timeframe or deadline, we'll certainly do our best to accommodate you.

What are the first steps?

Once the setup process begins, we send you a link to fill out a basic questionnaire to help us understand your business, design needs, and competition. We then request your logo and any additional graphical assets you have and provide you with a handy spreadsheet to help setup your navigation structure. From there, we get to work!

Is code customization, app integration, or product creation included?

Our basic ($1500) setup service is designed to keep primarily within the parameters of the theme, however this package does include an hour of time you can use for phone training/consultation, app integration, product creation, or code customization. If you need additional time in any of these areas, you can elect for the Enhanced or Premier options. Both offer substantial discounts on blocks of customization time, and you can use this time for pretty much anything. Any unused time from these packages does not expire, so you can use it for post-launch updates or other tasks if you wish.

Can you help us migrate from another platform?

We certainly can, but some of the tasks might be outside the scope of the theme setup job. If you would like a full migration project, please reach out to us and we'll be glad to provide a custom quote for you.

Can you provide some samples of your setup work?

Absolutely, please head over to our About Us page to see a sample portfolio of custom sites we've built and other stores we've setup.

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