Add Recently Viewed Products to Your Store

Add Recently Viewed Products to Your Store

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Show your customers a grid of products they have recently viewed at the bottom of your product pages so they can quickly and easily compare and go back through their history.

What you need to know...

What is included with this customization?

With this customization, a new section will appear on your product pages above the related products (if enabled). It will use cookies to determine recent products your customers have viewed and display them in a grid for quick customer access. Once we complete our coding, this customization will just begin working automatically. There will be no manual setup required!

    Need something custom?  Please reach out for a personalized quote.

    What happens after I purchase this customization?
    • Once your order is complete, we will contact you to confirm your order and request a collaborator account at your store so we can complete the work. 
    • Once that's been approved, we will complete your job within 1-2 business days. 
    • For safety, we will create a duplicate of your live theme before starting work.  Since this is the case, we ask that you not make any code changes, theme settings changes, or install any new apps while we work on your task.
    • When the task is ready for your review, we'll send you a preview link and any additional details you need to know to access your new feature.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about your customization, you can always contact us for help.  If there are any issues, we'll make sure to correct them.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
    If I upgrade my theme or switch to a new theme, will this customization carry over?
    No.  If you switch themes or upgrade your existing theme, this customization will need to be applied again.  We are happy to help you get the custom coding transferred over to your new theme version at a discounted rate.  Please contact us for details.
    Why customize your theme instead of using an app?
    There are many advantages to customizing your theme instead of using an app for a similar function:
    • Apps typically have recurring monthly charges while customizing your theme is a one-time fee
    • Apps are designed to be styled universally so the elements typically will not match the look and feel of your theme. If we customize your theme for you, we'll make sure that our changes match the styling of your theme so everything looks seamless
    • Apps slow down your site by adding additional scripts and other files
    • Apps can cause conflicts with other apps and/or your theme code. This can cause your entire site to break and it becomes very difficult to troubleshoot
    • If you elect to update your theme version or switch to a new version later, you will likely need to uninstall and reinstall your front-end apps so they can reinstall their code on your new theme

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